Introduce Antihack Insidious Rohan

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Introduce Antihack Insidious Rohan

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 02, 2015 11:13 pm

Greeting Rohaners,
Let we introduce our antihack Smile
This Antihack Features :
:: Firewall System ::

  A working model of the Firewall ::.
A schedule for the Port Server and check the validity of the Client.

To prevent others from using Server Client of the game.

  Release Firewall system v1.0 ::
  1. Set the port for gameserver freely.
  2. Check the encoding of the Client to Client prevent the introduction of another server used.
  3. Set the port for gameserver freely.
:: Ban ID IP And MaC Address System ::.

  A working model of a flat intake and Mac Address ::.
A system for GM to ban players because of the rogue.

  Release Banned system v1.0 ::
  1. Save IP Mac Adress of all players. Every time they connect to the game
  2. IP ID game, Mac Adress of players using cheats.
  3. Save the list of rogue players use.
  3. To check the Log File on the Server's client.
  4. Flat ip id mac adress according to the needs of the customer.
Release Antihavk v 1.0 ::
1. Detection of rogue applications that come in the form of all kinds Edit Memory Cheat engine.
2. Type hidden rogue detection function (Hidden Process) as HideToolz.
3. Detection of rogue Spee Hack (acceleration) as Speed Pc.
4. detecting rogue Bot various types (can be optional pro.
Graeme bots to prevent use in the game).
5. detect rogue types such Hack Process Process Hacker.
6. Send the Packet various types of anti-fraud program.
Antihack :: :: Property

- Prevention programs All versions MuAutoclicker

- Prevention programs HideToolz Process Hacker Process Exploxer all versions.
- Speed Hack prevention program all versions.
- Prevention program all versions Injection
- Protect the TPG PRO (warz).
- Prevent bypass stop exe kill dll.
- Easy Pro prevention program

- Protect the Speed Hack Xspeed Artmoney Cheatengine wpe pro all versions.

- Anti-Counterfeiting Main.exe to get into the game.

- Ensure the correct MD5 Client To server.

- Fix Font support for Windows 7 and Windows 8.

- Support for multiple monitors

- Packet prevent transmission to the Server.

- Hide Ip Sereail Version

- Protect the solutions adapted Data.
Let watch this Demo Smile


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Re: Introduce Antihack Insidious Rohan

Post by Knollix7 on Fri Jan 02, 2015 11:19 pm



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