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Cool Maintenance

Post by Rei on Fri Feb 13, 2015 9:43 pm

[Routine Maintenance]
Routine Maintenance server will be deducted at 13/02
In Game Changes :
- Fix Skill Murder Shot
- Increase Psy Shield on WIzard and Increase Magic Mirror Defense
- Fixed Dead Pet Duration from Beginner Package can be used
- Fixed Riding in Item Mall can be used in Safe zone
- Fixed Job Change Stone,Skill Reset,Status can be trade-able
- Fix Can't Buy Portal In Game
- Remove Drop scroll in Monster Move to NPC
- Remove 30% Scrolls from Item Mall
- Remove Acc Aquarius from Leviathan
- Fix Heroic and Mighty Weapon Base Damage
- Increase Option All status in Lack of Creativity 5 to 60 All Stats
System Updates Coming Soon :
- Free 100 Gps every 1 Hours for Online Players
- Move Guild Logo System Relog in game
Item Mall Updates :
- Bezemut Costumes Package with good status
- Lucky 7 Box ( Random Item gets )
and Many More
Estimated Time : UNTIL DONE.
Thank You

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