What We Have NOTICED!

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What We Have NOTICED!

Post by dud3 on Wed Dec 31, 2014 6:09 am

Hello , I am not sure if some1 will ever see this but i will post anyway!I wanted to post in the other forum but we cant register!

My friends and I started since the first minutes of the server , and we have noticed some bugs.

Mainly Bugs

Drop Bugs

Exp Bugs

Mainly Bugs , Like I said we were one of the first players that could even log in . The patch that we downloaded wasnt full
and here starts the bug. The boxes that gives you Weapons , Armors and Event Box , well yeah but we couldnt open them.
We did everything untill we saw that there's new patch , we downloaded it and it worked we opened the boxes but there wasnt any
information about it and we also didnt know that you can get items from it every 4h. Everything is fixed now!

Drop Bugs , Like "Mokasyn"said those Combined Armors and Weapons are rly irritating , and we also have no idea if there will be
Hero Armors or Weps and their drop is crazy . Imagine what would happen if in upper drops two kind of armors Glacial and Hero and
two kind of weapons!Weapons drop is fine but armors drop is crazy. (That's about upper)

There's something wrong in the mini bosses. What i mean? Let me tell you in almost every server you kill "Bergs", "Orc Kings" ,
"E. Tonkes"to get their crystals but in this server they almost dont drop , I killed like 15 times "Berg" just to get "worn
burner of marea" and i also killed "E. Tonken"and it didnt drop even 1 crystal (This was the first time i had ever seen something
like that)

Exp Bug , As first players we wanted to get as quickly as we could highter level . We reached like 5x then the server suddenly restarted,
when we loged in we had an extra exp that helped us to get really high lv. We kept leveling when we hit 108 lv we started to lv per mob till
120 lv ! Now many of you may think that we they made us 110 lv they gave us free exp but it is not that at all because we used everything
to get 108 lv and we are .. you know what!

Mainly Bug is fixed but many of us deleted their Event Box and if there's any way you to give it again or another box somehow would be great!
(We are not just a few btw)

Drop Bug , we got an Idea What about if you remove the Hero Armors cause the to be honest that is just too much for looting and leave the
weapons only . In ctb Hero weapons were OP ,but we got an idea how to make them just a bit better than glacial and that weapon to be just
for the players that likes to have end game items.If you make the drop rare there wont be that many items . But how to do it a bit better?
In ctb Hero Weapon +18 had like 1800 dmg which is too much and i think it would be better if it just +0 . This is important because we should
got in mind that Glacial Weapon can be + and we should pay some attention on it . There are no weapong enhancing rates but i think 200 dmg
more than Glacial +12 would be fine because there's a chance to get +15!Also i think dlv of Hero should be really Expensive and if u want to
put it on you have to be 110+ or maybe 115 lv weapon but not dlv to not be able! Why 115? Well the classes like Guardian , Dhan can hit 120 lv
with hours of leveling and i think this is a good level for an end weapon (which is a bit better than glacial!)!

Exp bug is fixed no suggestion there!

Crones , crones rate is high , too high if I have to be honest in upper u do tons of crones only by farming or leveling. If the crones rate
is too high that will destroy the trade and the players that do not donate (not every player is a donator) wont have access to the IM and
that's really bad! It will also destroy the trade between armors , weapons and etc ! (I think u got my point)

Dungeons dont work , We tried it and we cant move and everything is blue!

Please if there's any GM on add your name inform us that you are on , because if we have just found any bug and we cant contact you just
like at the moment we cant register in the main forum , how can we tell you that we want to?I have noticed that you just log in saying
sth about the server and who knows if you are still in the game?Please add more information about the server at the FACEBOOK page
tell us about the Hero Armors , Weapons . I think it would be a great idea if Tenzin make a skype this is the easiest way to contact!


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